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INSTALLATION IRS                                                             INSTALLATION SWING AXLE
On Swing axle exhaust, install Emergency brake cable holders onto tranny horn. Cable runs thru channel made of aluminum or stamped steel. Hole drilled in location identical  to transmission strap location.   Can use the same bolt. 

Picture below shows completed e- brake cable holder as installed. NOTE: There is a right and left side.

Install slip on bends on cylinders one and three.

Use only quality exhaust nuts such as these and torque down

Guide muffler system onto studs and into slip on bend

Some gentle coaxing is often necessary. Can use a rubber mallet to assist assembly.

Mark and drill hole in tranny horn for hanger and attach assembly

Exhaust hanger location in place

IRS E-Brake Cable Holder Installation

Locate and mark the drill point on the trailing arm. This hole is one inch from the brake line bracket. See photo below.

One inch from brake line bracket.

Pull out factory e-brake cable holder from shock bracket on trailing arm.

Install G-Down e-brake cable holder around e-brake cable.

Place cable holder with screw at pilot hole and fasten.

NOTE: On the slip on bends the flanges are marked for D for driver side and P for passenger sides looking forward

Install these first and then slip on the exhaust.

Any questions about installation don't hesitate to contact us.
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