more performance - lower engine temps

       The idea of optimizing every component on a production car for competition was not original; but with the birth of the SCCA Trans Am series in the sixties, the cars that competed during this era took preparation to a new level.  Although, Volkswagen never supported a "factory" effort, the Beetles were there mixing it up in the under 2 litre class and later the 2.5 litre challenge. This was the premier road racing series for small sedans, and the Bug competed with 1600cc's against cars with bigger engines and budgets, a testament to the Beetle's versatility.  No matter the category, SCCA or NHRA, this car has rewarded the tuner with countless wins.  The bug was certified as the sports car for the common man.  At the same time, the Love Bug movie built its own legend around the "little giant killer" mystique created from the real life reputation.  
It is in this spirit that the G-Down Exhaust system was created. By optimizing the exhaust packaging in terms of ideal weight distribution, cooling ability and power output, the Forward Exit Dual Exhaust was born. Built for a most excellent tradition.