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more performance - lower engine temps

Available for


Karmann Ghia,
Super Beetle,
and Bus

Build your own system! 
G-Down Header  $239

          The design of the Forward Exit Dual Exhaust System is a form following function. There is a greater air-gap between cylinder heads and exhaust tubing compared to standard exhaust “J” tubes currently available. This greater air-gap decreases cylinder head temps. Current popular exhaust designs such as the merged header/ Turbo muffler combo place the bulk of the component weight beyond the rear apron.
        The G-Down system places the exhaust mass forward of the rear axle having a positive effect on overall weight distribution. This improved mass centralization helps stabilize the car during hard cornering transitions. The 4 into 2 layout is an uncompromising high-flow design with careful consideration of runner length for a broad torque curve.
       Available in a variety of runner sizes from 1 ½ to 1 3/4 to fit a variety of motor sizes. The system does not interfere with the stock jacking location. Brought to you from the homeland of the Hot VW scene, Southern California, where innovation and style originate.

What customers are saying about the G-Down Exhaust System:

WOW All i can say is wow. I'm building a VW Trike and bought a set of these pipes. They are sweet and fit right under the swing axles. Boy do they sound good...
Brian Jennings

Have installed system on my slammed 59 bug running 1904cc stroker. Absolutely love the increase in power, deep rich sound and great look. Have just ordered two more one for my 65 bus one for my 74 thing. Beats all others hands down.  Dave Saunders

"sounds like a BAD ASS Low rider with a frickin NASCAR coming hot into turn 3."
Jonathan Winters

"i don't know why this system wasn't invented 20 years ago. I've probably went through a hundred of the other junk empi or merged headers systems. it was just a matter of time, before i knocked it off on the driveway".
Jonathan Welch